Can an ovarian cyst turn into cancer?
Fire technical minimum treatment in a private medical center
for how long is ginipral prescribed?
Ginipral injection solution 5 µg/ml 2 ml amp 5 pcs
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Coronavirus certificate in Rostov-on-Don: where to get documents confirming the absence of COVID-19
Coronavirus is a viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. The 2019-2020 epidemic confirmed that the infection quickly
Allergic child
The injection site hurts after a tetanus shot: reaction to vaccination
Tetanus vaccination for children: why vaccination is necessary Tetanus is an acute infectious disease caused by anaerobic
Why is the polio vaccine dangerous?
When can you walk after polio and hepatitis vaccination?
Why you can’t swim or go for walks after vaccination On the day of vaccination and for subsequent periods
Hand on girl's chest
Why does a child’s arm hurt from a flu shot and what to do if his shoulder is swollen
What to do if an adult experiences redness and thickening after a flu shot
Vaccine ADS-M - vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus
Service Price ADS-M (prevention of Diphtheria, Tetanus) 320 rub. Diphtheria and tetanus are two diseases
Drugs for trigeminal neuralgia
Neuralgia. Causes, symptoms and treatment of neuralgia
Causes of occurrence A person’s lifestyle influences the development of this disease. Lack of sufficient physical activity,
Notes from a laboratory assistant. Haemophilus influenzae infection
Diagnostics Diagnosis of the current pathology is carried out by an infectious disease specialist or pediatrician on the basis of: analysis of the patient’s complaints; medical history
vitamin droppers
What vitamins are included in vitamin droppers?
4.8 (4) You can compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals using special capsules or tablets.
Infanrix Hexa and Infanrix - differences between vaccinations, which one to prefer
Vaccination is so far the only reliable method of preventing dangerous diseases. Vaccinations begin from infancy. This