Coronavirus certificate in Rostov-on-Don: where to get documents confirming the absence of COVID-19
Coronavirus is a viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. The 2019-2020 epidemic confirmed that the infection quickly
Avaxim 80 – description of the drug, instructions for use, reviews
Write a review Reviews: 0 Manufacturers: Sanofi-Aventis Active ingredients Hepatitis A vaccine (inactivated adsorbed) Class
Introduction of BCG vaccine
Whether or not to get a BCG vaccination at 7 years old
BCG is one of the first vaccinations given to a newborn baby. Introduced into the child's body
what size mantou is normal
How to decipher the Mantoux result in a child
Indications for vaccination "Tuberculin" Tuberculin is used for tuberculin diagnostics (carrying out an intradermal Mantoux tuberculin test), Tuberculin diagnostics (Mantoux test)
Contents At what age are children tested for the Mantoux test? What does a reaction to tuberculin test look like?
Maine Coon kittens
What vaccinations do Maine Coons need and when should they be given?
Charming giants of the cat world - Maine Coons - give the impression of animals with good health. But
Can a child develop a fever after BCG vaccination?
Temperature during vaccinations Vaccination is the introduction into the body of killed or greatly weakened microorganisms,
Bathing a child
Why after hepatitis vaccination you can’t walk with your baby and get the injection site wet?
Bathing a child after hepatitis vaccination: basic recommendations and contraindications Many parents are concerned about the question:
Vaccination against hepatitis B - Network of clinics Family Doctor (Moscow) - Photo 1
Viral hepatitis B. The effectiveness of vaccination and determining the need for revaccination
Detailed description of the study Hepatitis B is a disease that is caused by a DNA virus from the family
Do I need to get tested before Mantoux and how to prepare for vaccination?
What is possible and what is not possible before Mantoux The Mantoux tuberculin test represents a medical procedure for
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