Allergic child
The injection site hurts after a tetanus shot: reaction to vaccination
Tetanus vaccination for children: why vaccination is necessary Tetanus is an acute infectious disease caused by anaerobic
Notes from a laboratory assistant. Haemophilus influenzae infection
Diagnostics Diagnosis of the current pathology is carried out by an infectious disease specialist or pediatrician on the basis of: analysis of the patient’s complaints; medical history
Infanrix Hexa and Infanrix - differences between vaccinations, which one to prefer
Vaccination is so far the only reliable method of preventing dangerous diseases. Vaccinations begin from infancy. This
What are the contraindications when taking Rotarix?
ROTARIX™Vaccine for the prevention of rotavirus infection (ROTARIX™)
Vaccine options Current vaccines are based on live, attenuated strains of rotavirus.
Diaskintest is it possible to drink alcohol?
Compatibility of Diaskintest and alcohol? To check compatibility with a particular substance, carry out
covid-19 vaccine
A detailed analysis of the Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus. All the pros and cons
Home » Articles » Detailed analysis of the Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus. All the advantages and
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Vaccinations and vaccinations: how are they different and how are they related?
Immunization is still considered the only reliable method of preventing dangerous infectious and viral pathologies. People,
Priorix vaccine 1 dose 1 pc. lyophilisate for preparing a solution for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration
Description and composition of Priorix vaccine - in Finland it is sold in the form of a suspension in pre-formed
What to do if your child gets sick after the Mantoux test
Vaccination has become part of mandatory medical procedures. This won't surprise you anymore. But it happens that
MMR vaccination: preparation, possible complications, types of vaccines
What are the dangers of childhood infections? The anti-vaccine media hype is now in its second decade, and the consequences
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