What vitamins are included in vitamin droppers?



You can compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals using special capsules or tablets. But vitamin droppers are considered more effective. With the help of intravenous administration, you can saturate the body with the necessary substances.

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  • A dropper is an effective way to replenish the supply of vitamins in the body.

    Composition of vitamin droppers

    Droppers with vitamins are made on the basis of a saline solution enriched with glucose. The following vitamins are added to it:

    • A (retinol);
    • B (folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine);
    • C (ascorbic acid);
    • D (calciferol);
    • E (tocopherol);
    • PP (nicotinic acid).

    The composition of the dropper is selected for each patient individually. It will depend on what vitamins are missing in the body.


    The results of vitamin drips always depend on the composition of the infusion. For example, vitamin A complexes help strengthen the immune system. The B vitamin group helps solve neurological problems. The overall effect of fortification will be:

    • reducing the effect of self-intoxication of the body;
    • restoration of immunity;
    • improvement of skin tone;
    • increasing overall body tone and human resistance to seasonal infections;
    • improved mood, appetite and libido.

    ATTENTION! It is important to remember that vitamin therapy should always be prescribed by a doctor to avoid overdose.

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    How do they affect the human body?

    Intravenous administration of vitamins allows:

    • strengthen the immune system;
    • normalize metabolism;
    • increase brain activity;
    • reduce anxiety;
    • improve sleep;
    • normalize the functioning of the nervous system;
    • increase performance;
    • increase endurance;
    • improve the condition of skin, nails, hair.

    When inserting droppers, the gastrointestinal tract is not irritated, and all the necessary substances enter in the required concentration directly into the blood.

    Through a dropper, beneficial substances enter directly into the blood.

    The effect on the body depends on what vitamins were included in the solution for intravenous administration:

    • retinol is added to patients with weakened immune systems; this substance has a positive effect on vision and helps improve skin condition;
    • B vitamins are intended to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, maintain emotional health and reduce the negative effects of stress;
    • ascorbic acid strengthens the body’s defenses, neutralizes “bad” cholesterol, and accelerates the healing process of wounds;
    • calciferol is necessary to strengthen bone tissue and improve the process of calcium absorption;
    • tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant, it binds free radicals, normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system and improves skin condition;
    • nicotinic acid removes toxins, improves blood microcirculation, for hair and nails PP (nicotinic acid) is irreplaceable.

    Thiamine is concentrated in the liver, skeletal muscles, brain, and kidneys. They take an active part in metabolic processes. Riboflavin regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland, is involved in hematopoiesis and the regulation of reproductive function.

    Intravenous infusion of vitamin solutions is considered one of the best ways to normalize the condition and improve health.

    Who is prescribed vitamin drips?

    Droppers are prescribed to patients who suffer from:

    • from intoxication of the body (including after prolonged use of alcohol);
    • from increased fatigue;
    • from sleep disorders;
    • frequent colds;
    • from deterioration in performance.

    They are recommended for people in the postoperative period. With the help of IVs you can reduce the duration of rehabilitation. Administration of vitamin solutions is recommended for people who engage in heavy intellectual or physical work. Also, droppers are necessary for patients who have been diagnosed with vitamin deficiency.

    Vitamin droppers are prescribed for intoxication of the body.


    Drinking a handful of tablets for breakfast, lunch and dinner is, unfortunately, a common thing for many people. “They prescribed a lot of pills, which means they are treating well” - this myth is firmly driven into the heads of the population of our country.

    Knowing this, we “cultivate” a culture of health in our patients: we form a healthy lifestyle, explain the rules of treatment.

    Also, if our patient is being treated by several specialists, we carefully coordinate the treatment prescriptions so as not to harm the sick body. It is no secret that uncontrolled use of medications can cause more harm than the disease itself. For example, many medications and painkillers cause stomach pain and lead to ulcers, and also impair liver function.

    There are certain standards for taking medications, and a doctor who really cares about your health will always prescribe the optimal treatment method for you, combining taking pills with intramuscular and intravenous infusion.

    Each method of taking medications has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, they are all important, and administering drugs by drip does not at all exclude, for example, taking tablets or suspensions.

    Drip trays are a method of administering drugs by drip. It's just a method, nothing more. Contrary to popular belief, they are prescribed in completely different cases: for preventive purposes, for medicinal purposes, to relieve a hangover, to quickly saturate the body with vitamins and microelements... In general, they are used to obtain the fastest results!

    What is the approach of me, a doctor with 45 years of experience? Of course, scientific, evidence-based, but first of all, personalized! Applicable to one organism. This is when they treat not a stomach ulcer, but Maria Ivanovna with a stomach ulcer. “It is not the disease that needs to be treated, but the patient,” said Hippocrates.

    Antanyan Georgy Karapetovich, therapist, cardiologist

    The fact is that when drugs are administered using droppers, they are absorbed 100%, the effect of treatment is evident immediately, and the drugs themselves can be administered in larger quantities than in the form of tablets or injections.

    In addition, droppers do not have the side effects that tablet drugs have: they do not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, do not get stuck in it, as they go directly into the blood.

    Of course, an injection into a vein seems worse than taking a handful of pills - but the health benefits, in the end, are disproportionately greater.

    Injections - intramuscular injection of drugs - give us an effect within 10 minutes after administration, are absorbed by the body by 99%, but the amount of drug administered with their help is much less than in a dropper , i.e. You can't give too many injections.

    Tablets are a necessary part of treatment in many cases. They have a quick effect only when taken sublingually, i.e. under the tongue.

    Such “ambulance”, for example, are validol and nitroglycerin. But the amount of drugs is several times less than in a dropper or injection. And not every drug can be taken by sucking: most tablets are too bitter for this. It is also important to remember that the tablets are absorbed by the body only 50%, have many side effects, and it takes about 30 minutes to get the initial result from them, and sometimes several days or weeks.

    That is why it is so important to use combined methods of administering drugs to properly solve the problem: part - drop, part - inject, and a smaller part - take at home in the form of tablets.

    We have:

    — Highly qualified medical staff

    — All certified drugs are purchased centrally from licensed institutions

    — Comfortable rooms (orthopedic beds, TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi)

    — Tea, coffee and cookies after the IV for free

    — Cozy atmosphere, like home

    — Droppers are carried out under the supervision of the attending physician

    If you need to “get back on your feet” in a short time, you need IVs

    This applies not only to conditions associated with exacerbation or rapid development of the disease. Droppers are effective in all cases when you are uncomfortable and you cannot lead an active, full-fledged lifestyle - be it loss of strength, headache, joint pain, hangover, or inflammation of internal organs.

    Health Detox and Stress Detox (body cleansing , detoxifying droppers) - droppers containing drugs that help remove toxins from the body (for allergies, obesity, drug poisoning, food and toxic poisoning, polluted environment, smoking and alcohol poisoning, overeating and other negative effects on the body).

    They improve metabolic processes in tissues, including the brain and liver, restore sleep, relieve anxiety, improve mood and well-being. Regenerate lipid metabolism, allow you to cleanse and restore the body.

    Restoring functions of organs - droppers to normalize blood pressure, restore liver (glucose, bilirubin), kidneys, heart, blood vessels. They are widely used in preparation for operations, including when, based on these indicators, the patient is denied surgery until his condition normalizes.

    These droppers are used in the same way: for gastritis, ulcers, heart attack, stroke, coronary disease, arthritis, arthrosis, concussion, central nervous system disorders, cerebrovascular accidents, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, etc. - these are diseases in which the body CAN be restored back to normal!

    Antianemic droppers are droppers containing iron supplements in combination with restorative drugs. They restore hemoglobin and maintain it at the proper level - this is an excellent help in preparing for planned operations and normalizing vitality.

    Anti-cholesterol drips are a means of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Droppers provide quick results, and they not only lower cholesterol, but restore the lipid profile. Those. As a result of treatment, the body begins to independently produce “correct” cholesterol.

    General strengthening droppers - used in all cases when the body is sick and as a preventive measure before and after illness. Effective after: colds, bronchitis, flu, stress, flights, chronic fatigue, apathy, intoxications of various origins - for example, intoxication after viral infections.

    Beauty Detox (Droppers for beautiful skin and hair) is literally internal cosmetology! Droppers are used for aging skin, wrinkles, enlarged facial pores, acne, gray hair, hair loss, and baldness. The course of these droppers precedes the external effects of cosmetic preparations and preserves the visible results of the procedures longer.

    LAYENNEK droppers are especially popular. In addition to the fact that it is the best hepatoprotector that restores liver function, the drug has an excellent effect on the quality of the skin and external beauty.

    In our clinic, during a consultation with a therapist, you will be able to receive complete information about the possibility of using certain IVs in your case. We are interested in achieving maximum effect for each patient and we achieve it.

    For all questions, you can call 8-495-935-05-33 or write to WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram 8-916-646-74-34

    Types of droppers

    The composition of the dropper is selected depending on the person’s health condition and the reasons why he is recommended to administer nutrient solutions intravenously. They are intended to normalize health and general rejuvenation of the body. A properly selected combination of vitamins and minerals activates cellular metabolism and starts regeneration processes.

    To improve the condition

    Patients with weakened immune systems and vitamin deficiencies are prescribed IVs, which can improve well-being and normalize all physiological processes occurring in the body. They are indicated for physical and mental fatigue, stress, and metabolic problems. Droppers are prescribed for preventive purposes during the period of expected exacerbation of seasonal diseases.

    Solutions are made primarily based on sodium chloride. This substance allows you to replenish the loss of fluid and some minerals in the body.

    After a course of such droppers, the metabolic process improves, energy reserves are replenished, and the production of immune cells is stimulated. When prescribing IVs to improve general condition, doctors place special emphasis on glucose. It is used for dehydration and exhaustion, diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding.

    To thin the blood

    With some liver diseases, pathologies of the endocrine system, or intoxication of the body, the blood may thicken. It will be possible to correct the situation if you do intravenous infusions of fortified solutions with the addition of water-electrolyte balance regulators.

    Compositions prepared on the basis of a combination of vitamins and minerals replenish the lack of fluid in the body, normalize metabolism, and remove toxins.

    To improve cerebral circulation

    Patients with impaired functioning of the circulatory system are at risk of developing vegetative-vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis or stroke. You can prevent these pathologies or reduce the negative consequences after they occur with the help of droppers.

    To normalize the condition of blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation, vitamins C, E, PP are added to the solution. B vitamins have a positive effect on the health of patients who have had problems with cerebral circulation.

    Against respiratory arrest

    Vitamin droppers help prevent respiratory arrest.
    People who are seriously ill may require supportive care to prevent possible respiratory arrest. For these purposes, not only vitamins are used, but also medicines.

    The composition of vitamin solutions is selected so that their action is aimed at stimulating metabolic processes and improving blood circulation. Vitamins of group B, E, PP, C should be administered.

    To protect the liver

    When toxins, poisons, alcohol and other harmful substances accumulate in the body, the liver needs supportive therapy. Such treatment is necessary because this organ is a filter that cleanses the blood.

    To improve the condition of the liver and protect its cells from the negative effects of harmful substances, droppers with physiological solution are recommended, to which tocopherol, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and cyanocobalamin are added. Under the influence of these vitamins, metabolic processes in liver cells are activated and their recovery is accelerated. But liquids are prescribed as part of complex therapy.

    To restore water-salt balance

    The water-salt balance can be normalized by intravenous administration of saline and vitamin cocktails. This combination can replenish the lack of fluid in the body and restore the acid-base environment.

    The need for treatment is indicated by disruptions in the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, convulsions and blood thickening. B vitamins, tocopherol, and nicotinic acid have a positive effect on the condition.

    To cleanse the body of alcohol

    When an excessive amount of alcohol enters the body, intoxication develops. You can reduce the negative consequences if you start intravenous administration of B vitamins:

    • thiamine is involved in digestion and promotes the breakdown of alcohol;
    • pyridoxine stimulates liver function and has a detoxifying effect;
    • ascorbic acid binds toxins and removes them from the body.

    For example, with the introduction of 1.2 g of pyridoxine, hangover symptoms become less pronounced. And thiamine completes the process of processing ethyl alcohol in the body, breaking it down into carbon dioxide and water. But it is better to enter them separately.

    Beauty and health droppers

    Dear guests!

    For strong immunity and high energy levels, the doctors of our SPA center have developed time-tested and most effective beauty and health droppers:
    Beauty and health droppers

    1. Vitamin dropper

    Cocktail composition : Concentrated Vitamin C; Magnesium Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60 min Benefits : Adaptation of the body to seasonal infections, prevention and treatment of viral infections Number of sessions, indications : Vitamin intravenous cocktail “Seasonal Prevention” will help strengthen the immune system, improve overall health, prevent and shorten the duration of colds and flu . A dropper enriched with vitamin C effectively improves immunity, promotes cell restoration, and rapid recovery. This is the best solution for improving health during the season of viral and colds. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    2. Antioxidant


    This powerful antioxidant helps scavenge free radicals. To maintain the health of the most important human organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc.), it is important to maintain optimal levels of glutathione in the body. Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium, Reamberin + Heptral, Cytoflavin + Mexidol Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Benefits : Lightening of skin from pigmentation, detoxification of the body, antioxidant protection of cells from damage by free radicals, slowing down the aging process, protection from oxidative stress, immunity

    Number of sessions, indications : The dropper is suitable for anyone who has crossed the 20-year mark. Especially for people who abuse alcoholic beverages, as well as smokers leading a chaotic lifestyle. Glutathione has detoxifying properties and helps remove alcohol breakdown products from the body. The number of procedures is prescribed by the doctor during an individual consultation. Supposedly 5 to 10 droppers.

    3. Healthy heart and blood vessels

    Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, nicotinic acid, l-carnitine, peridoxine, magnesium, NEOTON + REBOXIN ACTOVIGIN Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Benefits : Strengthening the vascular wall, improving blood circulation Number of sessions, indications : The cocktail has a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system, reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, improves vascular function, and normalizes blood supply to organs. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    4. Energy

    Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, α-lipoic acid Aminoven infant 10%, Glutathione, Magnesium, B vitamins, Calcium + vitamin D/ Treatment time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Benefits : Hydration and energy, increased mental focus, metabolism, rapid restoration of strength, detoxification Number of sessions, indications : A vitamin cocktail with a valuable complex of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids is the best solution for gaining strength, energy, improving physical activity and mental activity. The drip will help quickly replenish the levels of those nutrients that stimulate energy production, improve mental performance, increase stress protection and endurance of the body. The dropper is saturated with B vitamins and microelements, which will help balance overloaded body systems. A vitamin cocktail will increase your energy and stamina, and will also make it easier to cope with stress. Give yourself a boost of strength and energy with an intravenous drip. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    5. Immune

    Cocktail composition : Megadose of vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Glutathione, Calcium, Pyridoxine, Zinc, Vitamins A, E, D3, Laennec Treatment time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Benefits : Hydration, increased immunity, prevention of allergies, cell restoration , rapid recovery Number of sessions, indications : The dropper will restore the body's water balance. And high doses of vitamin C, B vitamins and zinc in combination will help strengthen the immune system and promote rapid recovery. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    6. Healthy sleep

    Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, α-lipoic acid Aminoven infant 10%, B vitamins, antioxidants, Magnesium Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Benefits : Improving sleep quality Number of sessions, indications : Injections will help improve sleep quality, normalize daily allowance biorhythms, which can easily concentrate on work. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor. process.

    7. Always in SLIM

    Cocktail composition : L-carnitine, Vitamin C, B vitamins, α-lipoic acid, amino acids, Chromium + Mg

    Benefits : Increased endurance, metabolism, hydration and energy, faster muscle recovery, getting back into shape after a break

    Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min

    Number of sessions, indications : Designed specifically for professional athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle. The solution contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that increase the body's endurance, accelerate metabolic processes, and promote rapid muscle recovery. The dropper also eliminates muscle pain, promotes muscle growth, and improves blood circulation. This is an excellent vitamin therapy after intense, stressful training and competitions, which will give your muscles additional tone, and you will feel excellent and in a good mood!

    Ideal for professional athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Promotes maximum muscle growth, improves blood circulation and hydration of your muscles. The dropper increases endurance and speed. recovery, especially after intense training or after competition. Get 100% nutrient supply and your muscles will thank you! Contains amino acids that participate in all metabolic processes of the body, in particular in the biosynthesis of proteins: valine, arginine hydrochloride, isoleucine, proline, leucine, lysine hydrochloride, phenylalanine, tryptophan, glycine, methionine. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    8. Beauty 3D

    Cocktail ingredients : Laennec, Magnesium, Curassin. Melsmon. Benefits : Improved quality of skin, hair and nails, strong hair and nails, radiant skin, pronounced lifting effect. Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml Number of sessions, indications : A highly active vitamin cocktail can be safely called a real elixir of youth! Vitamins and minerals included in the dropper

    Cocktail De-Lux “GOLDENMILE”

    Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, B vitamins Glycine, Cysteine, Glycyresic acid, Essential amino acid complex, Biotin, α-lipoic acid, Glutathione, Tranexamic acid (optional depending on the condition of the veins of the lower extremities), Laennec, Magnesium Curassin, Melsmon Actovigin + Cestein. Treatment time 250ml/500ml 90-120 mins Benefits : Best results are seen with ongoing treatments including brighter skin, stronger nails and hair. Lifting effect. Number of sessions, indications : Not compatible with alcohol. Stop drinking alcohol 7 days before the start of treatment. The highly active vitamin cocktail “De-Lux” can be safely called a real elixir of youth! The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants included in the dropper improve microcirculation of all layers of the skin, filling it with moisture and beneficial microelements. High doses of glutathione, biotin and vitamin C increase skin elasticity, reduce the expression of facial wrinkles, improve tone and complexion. If you have to shine at an important event or celebration, the “De-Lux” dropper will help you easily and quickly improve your appearance, fill yourself with energy and beauty that comes from within. The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    Male power

    Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acid complex, Glutathione, antioxidants, magnesium, laennec Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Benefits : Normalization of hormonal balance, restoration of nervous system activity and improves immunity. Number of sessions, indications : Vitamin injections can rejuvenate all human organs. After administration, blood circulation and metabolism are activated, healing of fractures, wounds of mucous membranes, skin, and soft tissues is improved. The hormonal balance of the body is normalized, the activity of the nervous system is restored and the immune status increases. The frequency is determined by the doctor.

    11. Feminine power

    Cocktail composition : Vitamin C, B vitamins, Laennec, Magnesium, Melsmon, curassin. Benefits : Slows down cell aging, hydration and energy, serotonin levels, metabolism, improved sleep quality, increased immunity, cell rejuvenation Procedure time 250 ml/500 ml 60-90 min Number of sessions, indications : the dropper will help cope with excessive emotional tension, reduce stress , anxiety or exhaustion, and also helps restore strength and relax muscles. Intravenous drip to increase serotonin levels in the body and support good mood. Cheerfulness, well-being and improved mood with this revitalizing drip! The frequency is individual and determined by the doctor.

    Taking care of you and your health!

    Dropper dosage

    The dosage depends on the general condition, weight and age of the patient.
    When prescribing infusion therapy, the dosage is selected for the patient individually. To determine the amount of vitamins that need to be introduced into the body, the following factors are taken into account:

    • general condition of the patient;
    • weight, age;
    • clinical picture.

    When prescribing vitamin droppers, the necessary substances are dissolved in 0.2-0.5 liters of sodium chloride. You cannot prescribe infusion therapy yourself. If you choose the wrong vitamins, you can cause harm by worsening the condition of your kidneys and liver. There is a risk of developing allergic reactions and seizures.

    Who are they contraindicated for?

    When planning infusion therapy, you should make sure that there are no contraindications. It is not recommended to administer vitamins intravenously to patients who:

    • severe form of heart failure;
    • tendency to edema;
    • thrombophlebitis;
    • skin diseases;
    • individual intolerance to the components that are planned to be infused.

    Administration of vitamins in high concentrations can negatively affect kidney function. People prone to allergies should be careful.

    How to properly place a vitamin drip?

    To minimize the risks during infusion therapy, only doctors should install the drip. If the catheter is inserted incorrectly, there is a risk of damaging the vein or getting drugs into the surrounding tissue rather than into the blood. This can cause irritation, dermatitis, or even tissue necrosis. A puncture of a vein can cause the development of phlebitis or thrombophlebitis.

    Before installing the IV, all prescribed vitamins are injected into a bottle with saline solution using a syringe. Their quantity is calculated so that there is no overdose. Otherwise, the patient may experience complications: allergic reactions, seizures, coma.

    Infusion therapy

    During infusion therapy, vitamins enter directly into the bloodstream. When using this method, all organs and systems begin to recover as soon as possible. Infusion therapy is used to treat diseases, strengthen the immune system and improve general condition.

    To carry out infusion therapy, a needle or catheter is installed in the patient’s vein, through which the necessary substances enter the blood from the reservoir with the infusion solution. Through the device, vitamins can be introduced into the patient’s body in large volumes over a long period of time. The results of therapy are monitored by conducting instrumental and laboratory examinations.

    When is it held?

    Prescribe intravenous infusion of nutrient solutions to patients who:

    • dehydration;
    • water-electrolyte balance is disturbed;
    • intoxication;
    • kidney pathologies;
    • problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in which oral intake of vitamins is contraindicated or they are not absorbed.

    Doctors recommend administering vitamins intravenously to people who need:

    • reduce intoxication;
    • saturate tissues with oxygen;
    • activate brain function;
    • increase resistance to stress factors;
    • normalize metabolic processes;
    • restore liver function;
    • improve tissue nutrition.

    Droppers are prescribed for exacerbation of diseases, for low-grade inflammatory processes and seasonal ailments.

    Pros of the procedure

    The advantage of intravenous drip administration of vitamins is the fact that they enter the body bypassing the digestive organs. When vitamin supplements enter the bloodstream, they are completely absorbed, and the effect of their administration occurs earlier than with oral administration.

    With the help of a dropper you can quickly replenish the lack of substances necessary for the body.

    Vitamin droppers - price

    ServicePricePromotion Price
    Beauty-cocktail (11 blood tests, 10 Beauty-drips, appointment with a therapist)39,000 rub.RUB 35,555
    ImmunoProtect program (2 blood tests, ImmunoProtect droppers, appointment with a therapist)RUR 7,777 5 sessions RUB 11,111 10 sessions
    Anti-age program (blood test for vitamin B 1, B5, B6, B12, C, E, K, D, IVs with an individual vitamin complex, appointment with a therapist)RUB 21,111 5 sessions RUB 25,555 10 sessions
    Anti-stress program (7 blood and urine tests, 10 Anti-stress droppers, appointment with a therapist)35,000 rub.RUB 29,999
    Detox program for comprehensive body cleansing (10 droppers, 10 autohemotherapy, tests, appointment with a therapist)17,000 rub.13,500 rub.
    Recovery course of IVs after COVID-19 (Coronavirus)4050 rub. 5 sessions 8100 rub. 10 sessions
    Vitamin therapy (course of 10 intramuscular injections, consultation with a therapist)4,000 rub.3,000 rub.
    Intravenous drip administration of drugs (without drugs, 1 bottle)800 rub. 1 session RUB 3,375 5 sessions 6,750 rub. 10 sessions
    Intravenous drip administration of medications
    (with existing clinic medications, 1 bottle)
    950 rub. 1 session 4,050 rub. 5 sessions 8,100 rub. 10 sessions
    Intravenous drip administration of drugs
    (without drugs, 2 bottles)
    950 rub. 1 session 4,050 rub. 5 sessions 8,100 rub. 10 sessions
    Intravenous drip administration of medications
    (with existing clinic medications, 2 bottles)
    1100 rub. 1 session 4,700 rub. 5 sessions 9,400 rub. 10 sessions
    Intravenous administration of drugs (course)450 rub. 1 session RUB 2,140 5 sessions 4,050 rub. 10 sessions
    Intravenous administration of immunoglobulin (without the cost of the drug)3500 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Imbioglobulin 50 mg/ml, 20 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)7500 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Imbioglobulin 50 mg/ml, 50 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)10500 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Octagam 50 mg/ 50 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)14,000 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Octagam 50 mg/100 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)29,000 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Octagam 50 mg/200 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)49,000 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Intratect 50 mg/ 50 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)14,000 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Intratect 50 mg/100 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)29,000 rub.
    Dropper of Human Immunoglobulin - Intratect 50 mg/200 ml (price includes the cost of the drug)49,000 rub.
    Appointment (examination, consultation) with a general practitioner to prescribe IVs1,800 rub. primary 1,500 rub. repeated
    Autohemotherapy550 rub. 1 session 2,500 rub. 5 sessions 5,000 rub. 10 sessions
    Plasma therapy of the spine and joints4500 rub. 1 session 10,500 rub. 3 sessions 17,500 rub. 10 sessions
    Subcutaneous-intradermal administration of drugs (course)250 rub. 1 session RUB 1,180 5 sessions 2,250 rub. 10 sessions
    Intramuscular administration of drugs (course)300 rub. 1 session RUB 1,575 5 sessions 2,700 rub. 10 sessions
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